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Sculptivate was approached by JCPR and Xbox to be their technical partner in staging the EMEA launch of Halo 4 in Liechtenstein. Entitled ‘Experience: Halo’, the event involved transforming Liechtenstein and creating an immersive, theatrical experience for 70 super-fans, bloggers and media.

Sculptivate was briefed to design and supply the technical and logistical elements, which brought the ‘Experience: Halo’ event to life.This involved 30 crew setting up Audio, Lighting, Projection, Power, Temporary Structures and Special FX across 5 locations and 30 square km over a 5-day period.

The end result was an incredible 90 minute journey
for guests – all of whom entered into the spirit of
‘Experience: Halo’ as they waded through a minefield
avoiding explosions, found their way out of a pitch
black, 1km deep mine (aided only by hand-held flares),
survived an EMP blast, rescued injured marines from an
alien-infested wood, witnessed the Master Chief blowing
up a quarry, and finally escaped to a castle high atop
a 300m rocky outcrop, where they were instrumental
in saving the universe.


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