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Be Viacom collaborated with Sculptivate to design and
create an environment to showcase their three main
brands; MTV, Nickleodeon and Comedy Central in a
hyper creative and interactive way. In addition to this,
the space had to house a series of talks by key people in
fashion,music and other related industries, a launch
party for ‘District MTV’, an operating self service canteen
open ten hours a day and a fully functioning conference room. All this while still being a comfortable place to meet and work. The event ran over three days from 9am til late with talks twice a day and events in the evening.

After an immersion in the Be Viacom brand dot graphic,
guests entered our ‘hyperstore’ through a pulsing tunnel
of light. We placed Comedy Central in a canned laughter
aisle complete with giant ‘tinema’ screening room and
cans with light-triggered sound bytes inside. We crashed
a giant shopping trolley into the chaotic Nickelodeon aisle,
sending specially branded product flying off the shelves.

MTV became the lifestyle lounge area with a vivid canteen
brought to life by Alex Noble.